Employment Screening

Fast, Accurate And Scalable Employment Screening

Employment Screening

A Leader In People Screening, Delivering Fast, Verifiable Results

Simply put, Western Reporting® is the only screening company that works with both large and small businesses to manage their employee screening needs.

With over 20,000 customers, including the most HR compliant Fortune 500 companies. Many of the most innovative and successful organizations trust Western Reporting and our strategic partners for technologically advanced, products and superior customer service in the Employment and Drug Testing industry.

Hire With Confidence

Serving the needs of Human Resource professionals for over 25 years, in all businesses, Western Reporting understands the unique challenges and compliance risks associated with the hiring process. From criminal background checks, drug and health services and extended workforce screenings to electronic I-9 and E-Verify solutions, we provide the industry’s most compliant and complete report in the industry.

Screening Software That’s Fast And Accurate
For Any Job, In Any Industry

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    FCRA & ECOA smart tools for streamlining the hiring process.

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    Your company is involved in technology, has proprietary information or deals with confidential documents.

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    You are hiring for a high-level position where the employee will have access to sensitive information or competitive data.

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    The position will have any involvement with financial records, accounts payable, receivables or payroll.

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    Network Access

    The employee will have access to corporate computer networks.

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    Public Facing

    The position interfaces with the public.

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    Healthcare Industry

    You are hiring employees in the health care industry.

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    Childcare / Education

    You are hiring employees who come in contact with children.

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