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Being a solution provider to property managers and landlords for over 20 years gives us a deeper and better understanding of the needs and risks of our business partners. Western Reporting® provides best in class services including access to the most enhanced, comprehensive insurance policies for both single family and multifamily communities. Partnerships with the companies that are able to offer you coverage that protects you in the event of negligent damage to your valued property while protecting residents from theft, fire, bed bugs and pet damage. It’s easy, simple, fast, effective and NO UNDERWRITING.

Multifamily Insurance Products
For 100 Units And Above

ePremium Insurance

ePremium is our preferred service provider for multifamily communities that have over 100 units. ePremium is recognized as the “Gold Standard” in renters insurance providers. Period!

Simply put, ePremium puts the focus on nuisance claims, or the everyday resident caused damages.

Some Program Highlights:

  • ePremium is partnered on over 2 million units across the country
  • Recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. for 3 years in a row
  • No cost and no termed contract!
  • Real-Time ePremium Policy Tracking and Monitoring
  • Full integrations with most property management software
  • High resident take rate
  • Enhanced liability coverages like water damage, pet damage, and bed bug remediation
  • Complete “Third Party” Policy Tracking and Monitoring (i.e., AllState, Geico, State Farm, etc.)

In addition, ePremium’s RenterPLUS package includes security deposit insurance. This one-time non-refundable insurance premium is considerably less than the money required for a traditional security deposit. ePremium is more than a valued partner, they are family.  Our customers are their customers. Hundreds of thousands of renters have trusted ePremium to satisfy their renters insurance lease requirements.

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Renters Insurance

Multifamily Insurance Under 100 Units


Arcana Insurance

Arcana is our preferred service provider for the single family community. This is by far the fastest growing market in the country with over 58 percent of all units rented being single family homes or apartments. Most rental insurance providers don’t want to deal with landlords or smaller property management companies. But Arcana is the exception. They see landlords as investors who want their valuable property investment protected. An A+ provider including property and casualty, flood, and landlord supplemental protection, are just a few of the products being offered by our valued partner, Arcana. Fast and easy claim management is their expertise. We are proud to include Arcana as a part of the Western Reporting family of insurance products.

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