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As a property manager or owner, your profits and investment depend on the quality of your residents. The communities that use Western Reporting® for resident screening report the highest rates of retention and the lowest rates of turnover in their respective markets. The liability of accepting a bad resident is huge! Eviction and legal fees can cost thousands of dollars, while property damage can be staggering. Your investment needs to be protected.

Western Reporting provides powerful decision-making tools and integrates with many property management software companies providing our customers with a seamless experience with the use of one platform providing background check results.

At Western Reporting, we give you the tools to impartially analyze report results quickly using the parameters you set.

Resident Screening Pricing

Starting price as low as $15. Volume discounts and custom packages available.

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Starting Price As Low As

Total cost depends on your selected services and number of units.
  • All Consumer Reports (background & credit checks) are regulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This set of federal rules & regulations mandates the type of information required before providing you with a consumer report.

Screening Services

Custom packages are available.
Pricing depends on selected services and number of units.

Credit Reports

Full credit reports include FICO score, bankruptcy, delinquent accounts, credit history, public records, trade lines and even debt to income ratio. These reports are compiled by the three major credit reporting agencies and is essentially a financial resume for applicants utilizing a service requiring monetary exchange.

Social Security Verification

An SSN can be a great way in determining a person’s existence and determining correct name spelling. Verification of a name associated with an SSN as well as place and date of issuance are included in this report.

Residential Verification

Current address and previous addresses can be verified quickly through our easy automated integrated format.

County Searches

County criminal searches return information from the court records in which the conviction is recorded, as most felony and misdemeanor cases are filed in county courts. A report covering county criminal records may include information regarding the degree of the offense, offense dates, case numbers, filing dates, defendants, counts, trial dates, verdicts, disposition, disposition dates, and sentencing information.

Multi-state Criminal Search

This high-speed, multi-jurisdictional search provides same-day access to the largest national criminal record database available of state and county criminal records. This search should be used as a supplemental addition to a one of our more comprehensive products only.

National Sex Offender

The database search quickly returns offender information in a condensed, easy to comprehend format contained in currently registered sex and violent criminal offenders with felony conviction records.

Tenant Score Card

Quickly and impartially analyze credit, criminal, and eviction history based on resident criteria. Scorecard recommendations are tailored to each landlord’s requirements including:  Debt-to-rent ratio, Income-to-debt ratio, credit score, trade-line payment history, collection/charge off history, bankruptcy history, tax lien history, and judgement history. Scorecard can include individual or multiple applicants for a combined recommendation with a risk tolerance evaluation.

Custom On-Line Applications (Guest Card Onboarding)

Quicklease Pro and ATP Pro offer the latest in property management and employment onboarding technology with simple and user-friendly applicant tracking methodology. The key benefits include: Highly configurable application forms, simple applicant tracking tools, E-signature lease forms and other documents, customizable payment options, and automated notifications.

Nationwide Eviction Records

Each state and county has a different process and set of documentation needed to properly file an eviction. Eviction search capabilities aren't the usual eviction reports purchased online. Rather, they provide comprehensive and more accurately matched search results in over 3,000 civil courts nationally.

AKA Searches

Also Known As (AKA) searches are extracted from a variety of data sources used in background screening. As criminal records are identified by NAME and DATE-BIRTH records, AKA’s records become a valuable resource.

Pre-Eviction Searches

Pre-eviction searches are civil records on a pending eviction status. These records can benefit both the new landlord and previous landlord by determining a new resident eviction status and would allow the property to require payment to a previous landlord as a condition of residency. These records are on a state-by-state basis and not a national search.

Criminal Information Report

Independent Rental Owner Resident Screening

Our resident screening data can include insight from proprietary records along with an applicant’s eviction records, address history, criminal records, identity fraud and credit information. Data is gathered by using a network of professionals across the nation. This solution uncovers felony, misdemeanor and sex offender public records. The information is available at the multi-state, state and/or county levels.

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