Applicant Tracking For HR Professionals

Easily Manage The Entire Application Life-Cycle Of Each Candidate With An Integrated Applicant Tracking System

The next generation and most comprehensive applicant tracking system on the market today. Simple, easy, affordable and integrated with the Western Reporting’s® own “first class” background screening platform.

Our Applicant Tracking System offers an easier, faster way to find the very best candidates and volunteers. There is no question the talent acquisition environment has shifted to more candidate-driven, putting increased pressure on hiring managers to locate and recruit the very best talent.

Our Recruiting And Applicant Management Platform
Creates A More Efficient Hiring Process

  • Automated
    Recruiting and hiring tasks and processes become less manual.
  • Flexible
    Customize required hiring forms, terms, hiring steps, reporting and more.
  • Cost Effective
    Feature for feature we give you more for less.
  • Organized
    Tools that make it easier to manage, track and identify the best of the best.

A Better Solution Because It’s Tailored To You

The high cost of bad hires is well known – Loss of productivity, negative impact on morale of co-workers, and of course the often-absurd amount of time and money resulting from a contested termination. Utilizing our ATS helps you avoid the consequences of a bad hire by streamlining your recruiting process to locate, attract top talent, and move them efficiently through the hiring process.

  • Hassle-Free Implementation
  • Job distribution
  • Mobile First Design
  • Custom Hiring Process
  • Simplified Onboarding

Customized Your Way

Through trial and error, you have developed a recruiting process and workflow that works best for you. ATS gives you the flexibility to tailor a recruiting and hiring workflow that fits for you, and easily move applicants through each stage.

  • Brand Your Career and Profile Page
  • Customize Your Applicant Status
  • Ability to Adjust Time Limits

Video Interviews

Reducing the average 30-minute phone interview to a 90 second applicant tracking video interview allowing you to qualify a candidate quickly.

The ATS video solution is included in your subscription and is not outsourced to another vendor for an add-on cost.

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